Vendor Contacts

This page lists the contact details of each of the market vendors. If you are not listed here, please contact cwjoneill at gmail dot com or with your details and one of us will add them.


3 responses to “Vendor Contacts

  1. H all,

    Just trying to log onto this blog and have my say – however it doesn’t seem to whant to let me! Is it just me or is it all a bit complicated. Anywa, good to see some of you clever clogs have got the hang of it and are starting to use the blog to tell our market goers what’s on. Hopefully, when I get blogging, I’ll be able to post news etc and what special things might be happening. In the maantime, come along tomorrow Saturday 23rd September and meet our stall holders, enjoy some hot food from the Baking Emporium, hot coffee from Cork Coffee Roasters and hopefully, if the weather holds, some live music too.

    Dianne Curtin

    Market organising committee

  2. My ex-boss would not be impressed with BLOG!!
    As Market Stall holders we are professionals and Blogging is for my 7 year son.

    Dianne get a life….A Professional Website….and support professional people providing quality services and produce to the Gateway of West Cork.

    Don’t meet stall holders….sample the produce available, and comment. I known many of these stall holders and all have an open mind and yet believe in their product with justification. Give each their opportunity to justify why they want to, and how they will support the Market……King John thoughts not mine.

  3. We appreciate all constructive criticism on the blog as it helps improve the site.

    As an ex-Microsoft professional you’ve probably heard of Robert Scoble and his book “Naked Conversations” which I am reading right now. Two quotes from it caught my eye today:

    Bill Gates, Chairman, referring to blogging in Microsoft: “You are letting people have a sense of the people here. You’re building a connection. People feel more part of this. Maybe they’ll tell us how we can better improve our products”

    Steve Ballmer, CEO: “I think it is a great way for us to communicate to our customers and for customers, more importantly, to communicate with us”.

    The reason standard static web sites are being replaced more and more by blogs is that it allows conversations to occur beyond physical boundaries and enables non-technical people to easily publish without the need for “professional” middle men.

    The hope is that this blog will reflect the authentic voices of the market across the entire week rather than just Saturdays. It allows those who would love to come to find out what has happened and what will be happening wherever they are. Whilst that is possible with a traditional site, it requires far more effort from all involved.

    I’m afraid I don’t understand your final paragraph.